Dr. Sheth’s Basic Brightening Extra Gentle Daily Peel



  1. It’s a gentle peel which acts by removing the dead skin cells and allowing repair of the skin.
  2. It’s formulated for Indian skin which suits all skin types.
  3. It is not by any means a miracle or instant result product. It’s gentle and hence works overtime.
  4. It’s free of sulphates & parabens. It’s also cruelty free, non-toxic & vegan.
  5. Net weight: 50Ml
  6. Consistency: White coloured with lotion like consistency.
  7. Comes in a brown hard durable plastic bottle with a pump to avoid oxidation of the active ingredients.
  8. Price: Rs. 850/-


  1. 5% Glycolic acid: Immediate Exfoliation
  2. 5% Lactic Acid: Long Term Exfoliation
  3. Oats sugar: Hydration & repair
  4. Glycerin: Hydration
  5. Lecithin: Hydration
  6. Pomegranate extracts: Brightening
  7. Calendula: Calming
  8. Grapefruit extracts: Brightening



  1. As the website suggests: For pigmented spots: apply on spots. For tanned or uneven skin: apply every third day for three weeks, every other day for two weeks and every day after that. As a mask: apply a thick layer on the skin. Leave on for 5 minutes and then wipe off.
  2. I Prefer: cleanse the skin & apply an even layer of the product. Leave overnight. Follow with sunscreen next morning. Repeat every alternate day. (I have acne prone, oily skin.)


  1. It’s designed for brown skin and suitable for all skin types.
  2. It’s very gentle on the skin. A great option to begin with, for someone who’s new to chemical peels.
  3. There is no need to exfoliate or scrub the skin as the ingredients in this product helps with that.
  4. This product definitely works but on regular long term use.
  5. With regular use, skin appears to be more even toned and healthy.
  6. It works well when used as spot treatment for acne. Helps reduce the size & scarring.
  7. When used overnight as a mask, skin feels very soft in the morning.
  8. It reduces the melanin synthesis in the skin which is how it helps in it’s brightening. Therefore, effective in removing tan.


  1. Slight tingling sensation felt on application which is normal.
  2. Requires sincere & regular application for results.
  3. It feels slightly sticky post application.
  4. Makes the skin look oily. Do not recommend it for day use.
  5. Sunscreen must be applied after the use of this product to avoid damage to the skin.
  6. The skin may feel dry with use of the product.


  1. It takes long term use to see results.
  2. Sunscreen must be applied the next morning as the skin is sensitive.