Tjori Natural Beauty Multani Mitti & Rose Face Pack


  1. This product primarily consists of multani mitti and rose petals which are known for their antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Multani mitti helps remove pimples and acne causing bacteria.
  3. Rose petals helps improve your skin tone and gives you a bright radiant look.
  4. Net weight: 1.7 oz (50gms)
  5. Consistency &  color: Brick red colored powder. Granular in texture.
  6. Packaging: Steel box with product packed in a plastic cover inside.
  7. Price: Rs. 250/-


  1. Red rose powder, Manjistha, hibiscus, fuller earth, sandalwood powder, besan, licorice, orange peel, potato starch, wood apple.
  2. Handcrafted.
  3. 100% genuine ingredients. 
  4. Highest quality.
  5. Helps fight acne causing bacteria and provides a bright radiant looking skin.


  • HOW TO USE :

I personally prefer mixing a teaspoon of product with either little bit of curd or rose water.

Leave it on for 10-15 min and gently wash your face while scrubbing the product off with gentle circular motions. Follow with heavy moisturizing.

  • PROS :
  1. It provides instant brightening effect on first use itself. 
  2. It does a good job in removing dead skin cells due to its grainy texture. 
  3. On repeated use over months, it does reduce the excess oil production.
  4. It helps in de-tanning, thanks to multani mitti. Mix curd for better results.
  • CONS :
  1. It leaves behind a red tint on the face which does stay for a while.
  2. The granules are big and can be very harsh on sensitive skin. 
  3. It dries out the skin a lot after every use. Your skin might feel very tight and dehydrated.
  4. The smell is quite prominent. It can be very annoying for some. However, I don’t mind it all.


Its an organic product, therefore, it might take Time for results to show.

Please do a patch test before using it.

Don’t scrub hard while washing your face as the granular texture can irritate the skin and cause further breakouts or rashes.

Moisturise your face generously after every use to avoid premature skin ageing due to the dehydration it can cause.